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If you want to pedal flat, you've come to the wrong place. But if you want to discover a beautiful corner of the country, let yourself be amazed by breathtaking views after some effort, you've come to the right place!

We offer private or group technical lessons, guided stays that will make you discover the trails of our mountains and local products, outings for companies combining pleasure on the bike and a good evening with our partner craftsmen as well as events for promote mountain biking in our region.

The name is inspired by the Swiss Jura massif in the center of our region. There was a time when it was called "Monte Jura Altissimo". Its bellissimo side invites us to go through it. So Via altissimo, let's go through our heights!

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You go on a bike ride with friends and there is one who imposes himself more easily than others to decide on the tour chosen, the path taken. He will find the best descent and will still think that his idea of a restaurant break will be the best. This friend who imposes himself, it's me... Good too bad!


Today, thanks to my Swiss cycling Guide training followed in June 2021, I want to offer everyone this richness of discovering new paths, other lost corners for each of you who takes a little pleasure balancing on two wheels.


Looking forward to riding alongside you!

Luca Micheli

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